Ian Llorens changes his mind on Frankfurt

Didn’t expect this one: “Not inviting Catalan authors writing in Spanish was, in my opinion, a big error. They should have positioned the Catalan culture as an open culture with excellent contributions in our mother tongue and also in other languages like Spanish. They could have even tried to find Catalans who write in other languages like English, French, German or Swedish (actually, there is afew of us) and give us a booth too. What about me?, I write in English, am I not considered Catalan culture?, apparently not, at list, for Carod-Rovira.” All I need now is for Joan Laporta to resign, and life could be a dream.

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  1. Bloody ‘ell, Trev. Here am I exhausted by correcting Spanish friends who say ‘at last’ instead of ‘at least’ and you’ve now given them ‘at list’ . . .:-)

  2. Spelling problems I put down to not having touched coffee for a fortnight. Although I haven’t drunk any alcohol in the same period, which should even things up.

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