Spanish funeral service

Spanish insurers Fiatc have a fairly grisly reputation for health provision care in general. Here‘s how they deal with you once you’re dead: “When we arrived at the crematorium we were taken in through the rear entrance, down a long corridor, where we passed someone else laying in a coffin, a woman walking down the corridor with a cigarette, past a room which said ‘silent’ on the door with staff behind it shouting and laughing very loudly. The Gentleman from the Funeral Directors indicated a set of double doors through which we could go to see my husband and say our last goodbyes. The doors appeared to lead into a service room of some sort. As a consequence of this one of my daughters offered to go in first to see how my husband, and her father had been laid out for people to see. She came out of the room in total shock. My husband had been placed in an embalming room with all the paraphernalia associated with that task including a second table prepared for another embalming. The coffin looked as if it had been thrown across the table, it was not even straight and appeared to have been pushed there, and with the attitude of ‘that will be O.K.’ we are all absolutely shocked and horrified. An embalming room is not a place that most people would ever see in their lives, and to be faced with one at such an emotional time is absolutely unforgivable, cruel and downright unprofessional. When querying this we were told we were lucky!”

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