Sant Martí de Centelles slags off anarchists, disagrees on “historical memory”

capella sant jaume

Some Civil War street plaques sound a dissonant note with respect to the official Popular Front “historical memory” dogma. St James’ chapel dates from the 17th century and, we are told by Sant Martí de Centelles council, “like the majority of churches in the Congost valley, was sacked and burned in 1936. Subsequently the chapel and annexes were used as headquarters by the local revolutionary committee. There are people in Abella who remember a black and red flag hanging from the façade; although these are the colours of anarchism, for many Abella residents who were victims of the exactions of the committee they signified blood and suffering.” (This and more on this walk and this one, the latter passing the scene of one of the revolutionary committee’s most dastardly deeds.)

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