Lenin cult in Santa Coloma, Barcelona

The Lenin-loving Joves Comunistes are the miniscule youth-wing of the increasingly insignificant alphabet soup of confused post-communists headed up by the bed-hopping Catalan regional interior councillor, Joan Saura, whose police force shot and almost killed the Barcelona municipal police chief last week. (“Youth” in Spanish leftist politics means anyone who wears jeans; most of them will probably die quite soon. But back to the chase.)

Unfortunately our Young Communists appear to oppose everything of which Lenin approved:

  • the death of democratic republicanism,
  • the ending of worker management,
  • the persecution of dissident workers by the secret police,
  • the mass killings during and after the first civil war,
  • the forced assimilation into the RSFR of newly-independent Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan and the suppression of regional culture,
  • the mass slaughter and famine inflicted on peasants during collectivisation,
  • opposition to anti-Semitism.

So are the comrades suffering from the political equivalent of the coprolalic variant of Tourette’s syndrome, a pathological need to épater les bourgeois? Or are they being paid promotional fees by the Yankee capitalists who erected a Lenin statue outside the astounding, the marvellous, the hypnotic Atlantic City casino?

Having a Che Guevara icon at home is stupid enough, but surely only a dumbarse Oaxacan teacher would worship Lenin.

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  1. Apparently everyone now agrees that he wasn’t fighting with a pimp. I must say it was the first thing that occurred to me when I heard he’d been injured in rioting.

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