Stiletto tourism

Staggering up the hill at Parky Gay, as Park Güell is now called by some:

stiletto tourism

A Swedish girl once turned up for Night of the Tarantula in some fairly ambitious heels and not much else and was turned away. If things had gone wrong the headlines could have been quite lurid.

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  1. My favourite Chinese on c/ Escoria doesn’t believe in all this Sagrada Familia crap and calls it Sangrada Familia, Bleeding Family. She has replaced veal on the menu with female trainspotter, Trenera. It’s rather good.

  2. (Someone just read to me a rather silly Juan Marsé story from around 1992, in which Gaudí is resurrected as the hunchback of the Bloody Family, protesting the Subirachs atrocities. Not hugely relevant or dramatic, although a couple of funny moments, but nevertheless)

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