Palm or similar as integrated sound control device

Rather than mucking around with Gumstix and stuff, the excellent Christian Blanchard runs his Orgautomatix from MIDI data and a MIDI reader on a Palm (pic here of the setup). Old Palms go for a tenner and the Z22 is around 70 quid at the moment. IttyMidi does a package including an old Palm (only 8MB) for 120USD, so that’s about 3.50€ ;o) There’s a group, PalmSounds, dedicated to handhelds and music. Old list of software here, but all I want is a controller.

David Marks has done something similar:

I too am building a midi organ which played its first basic tune today !. Mine is powered by a surplus blower fan I bought from Alan Pell and which I am driving with a bench grindstone motor. I built my own controller from a DIY MIdi website. It has at present 64 outputs but can easily be upgraded to 128. I have modified a Palm PDA cable to supply a midi output from a Palm M130 and use midi player software downloaded from the States.

128 outputs sounds useful. I assume you could also do that by banking two shrinkwrapped 64-output modules. But I am not an electrical engineer, or any genuine type of engineer for that matter.

I can’t really see the point of buying a proprietary MIDI controller like this one:

(Christian is also using the as the next link in the chain.)

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