Hunting Spanish trolls

Re the War of Jackson’s Sneer, Colin Davies notes the presence of trolls in Spain but suggests they have still not discovered the woods and grottoes of the Royal Academy. Not so: it’s just that the RAE, for reasons that are logical but probably doomed, calls them trol.

If their behaviour is anything like that of their Scandinavian relatives, Almería must be full of trolls. You’ve got the caves, inhabited more or less since Herodotus wrote of speechless, serpent-ingesting, north African troglodytes, and then Almería has roughly doubled its forest surface area over the last 20 years–unlike pyrophiliac Galicia.

I have written to these Sierra Nevada cave house theme park fraudsters and will inform you of any response.

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  1. We now have lots of trees in Almeria. They are all 4 foot tall and half eaten by rabbits, but we have them. And yes, we have plenty of trolls. All under the age of 16. To distract them when they are stirred up, I simply post a picture of a naked girl and they forget what they are talking about. ;)

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