It’s official: immigrants are darkies

Apparently immigrants are being denied access to virtually all night bars in Barcelona’s popular Raval district. I’m an immigrant, and I’ve never had any problems getting in (getting out is a different story), so I guess El Periódico is using the same definition as one of my ex mother-in-laws: “You’re not an immigrant, you’re white!” Despite the beatings and the burnings, Spain’s nignogs don’t complain, which is why the Americans and British are clearly racists while it is equally clear that the Spanish were just having a little innocent fun with those damn Chinkies.

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  1. I had that conversation with my grandmother-in-law. “Pesky immigrants, she muttered as we saw some South Americans on TV” “But I too am an immigrant… you know that, right?” “No you’re not: you’ve got a job”.

    I kid you not.

  2. @Tom: Another common one is using joven to describe pre-pensionable men dressed in anything other than pater familias gear. Most of the jóvenes throwing stuff at the police last night in Gracia were grey and balding.
    @Ian: I prefer extra-terrestre.

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