Squatter eviction proceedings were first documents in Italian

The excellent Mauro Baglieri writes: “The Placito Capuano or Placito di Capua is the first in a number of acts, also known as Placiti Cassinesi. They were written in early Italian between 960 and 963 A.D. : court proceedings allowing the Benedictines from four abbacies to reclaim their lands from squatters that had occupied them after a Saracen attack had dispersed the local chapter.” Not that Boynamedsue let this stop him.

Many Brits know vaguely about stuff like the Peasants’ Revolt, the Levellers, and the post-WWII demob occupations, but I don’t think anyone has written a decent history of squatting. I guess it thrives in situations where immovable property rights are poorly defined or unenforceable, hence its success during the Moorish wars and its continued popularity in places like Barcelona, but it would be good to know more.

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