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This anti-tourism business seems to have got our Tokyo operative into trouble:

We’re doing stuff in other parts of Spain and looking at France and Italy, but I guess we’re going to have to put the Asian entity on hold for a while. Hiring is also paused as we consider the offer of some bloke called Darling to trade the whole of EC3 for a stake in the Valencian business. At the end of this sorry affair, only two of us will be left: Botín and the Baldie, and Botín doesn’t know how to grow potatoes.

(Thanks to the DG)

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    A couple of profs up north have just published a book, Manual de Redacción Ciberperiodística, that explains useful things like … er … what a hyperlink is. Books like this have been remaindered for years in other countries, so how come lecturers here still get away with inflicting them on their students? Any currently blog-less 18-year old who thinks that his/her future lies in communication should be rapidly reassigned to a career in pig processing.

    One of the book’s editors, Ramón Salaverría, has a blog, which tracks the David Rojo story. Mr Rojo is the journalist who pretended to be a lawyer in order to interview Málaga murder suspect, Tony “Holloway Strangler” King, and who has also been running a site,, with content taken from Spanish dailies, El Mundo and El País. While nicking stuff ain’t right, I suspect that much of the establishment rage derives from a real sense that, with cowboys like Rojo as well as important innovations like the Google Spanish news portal, they are losing control of the media landscape.

    In the October 3rd edition of the Financial Times, John Lloyd published an excellent analysis of the wider ramifications of the Gilligan affair which included the following:

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    If you’re in Tokyo the logical assumption is that that local police car is not a Yokohama one, so the “Tokyo” (or whatever) always (?) gets left off:

    Qué curioso, en Madrid tienen 警視庁 (Departamento de Policía de Tokio Metropolitano)… / cc @Darth_Mantis

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    Speaking from baldie experience, most council tourism departments here offer an abysmal service, and things gets worse once you go online. I’m pursuing the tourismcrats at Vic, a medium-sized xenophobic town out in the sticks, to see how long and how far I’ll have to go to get any kind of response:

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  1. He’s pretty definitely Spanish. I think on this video he says at one point in Spanish, Get the hell out of here, or something like that. The way the police ran away made me wonder whether it wasn’t staged with actors.

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