The art of organ-building, on-line

Vol II of George Ashdown Audsley’s classic here.

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    Yesterday the Catalan government mounted some kind of co-branding (brand leeching, if you prefer) spectacle with the Japanese ambassador to Spain, which seems to have been designed to encourage the local public to contribute money to Japanese reconstruction and the Japanese to empathise with Catalan nationalist aspirations. Much was made of the virtues of industry …

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    A classic Spanglish error, this–they mean “right in the centre”–and 459K is distinctly optimistic.

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    – ¡Qué cabeza de dragón más bonita que llevas!
    – ¡No es una cabeza de dragón, tonto! ¡Yo soy un dragón! ¡Si hablaras mejor castellano lo sabrías!

    El Arcángel Miguel y San Jorge lo tuvieron fácil.

    (Hay más video nuevo aquí, gracias a Little Storm.)

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    Yep, but it‘s free, courtesy of Google Translate, and still substantially better than the work of many professional translators. It’s also fun (FT’s Alphaville blog is fast-moving cabaret) and not inappropriate to the crackpot tone adopted by José Blanco in the Spanish original.

    The last few days’ translation classic was also delivered by the Spanish …


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