Did Woody Allen plagiarise Vicky Cristina Barcelona?

Alexis de Vilar says the film copies his 1987 novel Goodbye, Barcelona. Manel Haro points out that the book was not, as Alexis claims, registered with the Ministry of Culture (to indicate publication) in 1987, but in October 2008, a month after the film was released here. Alexis claims inter alia to have survived an assassination attempt by Paramount for refusing to sell them some intellectual property, and the rest of the site makes for ahem interesting reading. So is he actually a great writer who just happens not to be able to spell Hemingway and whose evil Jew (surely not Mr Allen!) is introduced in Chap I for serious dramatic purpose? Or is he just another a publicity-craving, paranoid wingnut? I hope the latter–some company would be nice.

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