Getting round Spanish bureaucratic madness

Foreigners used to have to wheel a barrow of photocopies around half a dozen offices to be rewarded with a small laminated residency card. Then residency cards were declared obsolete, the only catch being that for most kinds of transactions they were not, Spanish practice not quite keeping up with Ayooropean theory. So foreigners had to wheelbarrow around their passports and A4 copies of an official document with their residency number (or whatever it is). Now some photocopy shops have leapt into the niche and will do you a megareduced laminated photocopy which looks enough like the old residency card to convince minor officials.

(The Economist has a special on the beggar’s banquet of unsavoury things which Spain has produced with “three decades of partying.” The piece suggesting rolling back devolution could have been written by Spain’s fastest growing political party, the centrist Unión Progreso y Democracia.)

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