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With alien hordes roaming the streets, desperate for a leak, Cazorla Council cracked open the piggy bank and commissioned this marvellous sign: But is the target audience English- or French-speaking? And, since the verbal and iconic messages aren’t coordinated (users don’t immediately associate the arrow and icon on the left with the words on the…

Good bar in Puerto de Santa María

Check out the excellent Justin’s review over at Catavino, which I can second, having got moderately wasted there on a cycle trip. (I don’t link much to Catavino because I have a basic distrust of wine reviews: if you liked it that much, how come you can remember anything about it?)

Bank of Spain introduces inflation-proof €500 banknotes

As private banker to dozens of Andalusian officials I have been responsible for maintaining the padded mattress sector in work this year. Before the summer a client called to complain that inflation threatened to render worthless the not particularly hard-earned stash of 500s he maintains under one of my beds. But there is more woof…

Mattress sales down

Figures from the International Sleep Products Association show the economy is hitting the mattress industry pretty hard, so where are smart people keeping their money now that deaky little hiding place in the hedge is gone?

Pig foot gypsy charm

A Roger Ekirch, At day’s close: night in times past: “suspending the heart of a bullock or pig over the hearth, preferably stuck with pins and thorns”. Barcelona’s inquisition records and other (later) sources also contain a desperate screech of (sometimes living) cats and a wide range of barnyard animals with pins stuck into them…
Where to, little wombat?