Testing redesign

Visit the site with caution for the next few days until I get round to sorting out all the crap.

I promised ages ago I’d do something about all these sites and then did nothing. I’ve taken advantage of the recession to do a bit of monkeying around last night and today, so this bit–the Bald Executioner–will probably look crap for the next week or so until I get round to sorting out the mechanics and the look and what to do with that nice map now stuck out amongst the tags (generate a geo layer on top?). New stuff it does (in theory): hierarchical breadcrumbs (or whatever they’re called) provided via menu highlights, automatic selection of short posts to go in sidebar, automatic generation of front page ‘bove fold layout using Picasa to produce thumbnails etc, introduction of fixed group of regular linked-to items and selection of others (front page below fold), tags, er, um.

Here’s a couple of shots of what it used to be like:

Formative evaluation and other forms of airborne buns most welcome, as always.

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  1. Phuck! Xit!

    You’ve left a portion of your internal reminders below the comment box.

  2. Nice, but I can’t read the links at the top of the page (white on a pale bg? difficult)

    Errr. sweating hun? Who’s the hun here? Thought you were Scottish? :)

  3. Thanks, noted. It was setting sun, but then migrated to fretting nun. Now it’s a kind of tribute to Mallorca.

  4. Not at all. It’s a kind of tribute to my favourite Hungarian film, unfortunately left unmade during the reign of Dictator Kádár. In it the Huns are massed outside the gates of, say, Fürth, and the local Peace Committee comes out to treat with them. “We only want to be friends,” says the PC, “so just take us to Attila and let’s see if we can’t sort this out.” “Ho ho ho,” laugh the Huns with a wink to Spartacus, “we are Attila.” We are all Huns. Or something.

  5. The menus aren’t working right. On the PSOE coast corruption post the bottom level shows a temporal array with no corresponding top level item.
    The comments don’t show up immediately on the front page. And you need a full list of them. It’s confusing at the moment.

  6. One can only feel sorry for Ian. A miserable lifestyle indeed, smuggling coke and having to flog it to you lot… for peanuts! These days for the price of a pint of stale lager you can buy enough snorts of cocaine to last you a whole week, at least.

    BTW, I thought you Neo-Falangist chaps had long ditched coke and the like in favour of more exhilarating, cutting-edge stuff, as it were, like getting high on emanations oozing out of the 1812 Spanish constitution or -just for the very hardcore amongst you- ol’ Joe Anthony’s Holy Scriptures.

  7. Trevor,
    Typical comment from an Anglosaxon guy who believes that the only way a Hispanic (who does not believe he is Hispanic, just Tarraconensis) can make it to Aruba (check your IP locator) is through illegal activities. But you are totally wrong, I save lives.

  8. I checked your IP the other day and it just said 666, whatever that means. I always wondered whether it was really just adrenaline being injected into Mia’s heart in Pulpo Ficción.

  9. Trevor,
    I understand, it must be tough to spend the whole day dressed as a Statue of Liberty at the Ramblas for a few euro cents.
    I am sure that your pseudo-website is subsidized by Carod-Rovira, but do not worry, he did not notice yet that the links do not work.

  10. I did the Ramblas for fun when I first came to Barcelona, but dressed as a pink woman and playing the piano and singing. The traffic noise and pollution defeated me.

  11. Fixed 1-3 but not 9. Feeds are now full-text with hack in /wp-includes/feed-rss2.php and /wp-includes/feed-atom.php to show excerpt above content

  12. + Adsense: ditch it altogether now the privacy angle seems to be going off piste and rely on donations?
    Tab boxes are wrong size.
    Recent comments on each post page

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