“an equilibrate balance between apprentice and entertainment”

Has Loftwines, actually a first floor Barcelona office, been trying too much of its “communication tool”? Or do they believe their clients will be too drunk to notice yet more fucked translation?

The original copy is pretty terrible, although you’ve got to wish someone luck whose line is that boozing is good for business. Just out of interest, here are respectively the original translation and Google’s MT:

Loftwines uses the wine as a communication tool, designing and producing events that bring strong added value to the companies.
On the other hand, we are implicated with the Professional Sector, developing productions focused into transmitting the wine culture.

Our services are perfectly adapted for Corporate needs, with an equilibrate balance between apprentice and entertainment.

We benefit of the deep knowledge’s of hospitality and a professional experience on Wine and Gastronomy.


Loftwines wine used as a communication tool in designing and producing events that add value to businesses.
On the other hand, we are involved with the business sector to develop products that seek to convey the culture of wine.

Our services are perfectly suited to corporate environments, with a balance between learning and entertainment.

We have a deep understanding of the services sector, in addition to professional experience in the world of wine and gastronomy.

I’d say that Google wins hands down, or bottoms up, or whatever.

[Many thanks to Anon!]

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  1. He looms up every now and again, principally in conversation with elderly relatives. Apparently he influenced John Lennon’s book, A Spaniard in the works, which I hope brought him in the extra bob or so.

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