Simple fix for Spain’s poverty crisis

Gypsy clans living on an old dung heap north of Granada may have the answer.

What to do if, despite not living in an evil Anglo-Saxon country, one has little or no access to social benefits is a conundrum that has so far proved beyond the minds of well-paid government advisers. Now gypsy clans living on the old midden just north of Granada appear to have found an answer: a court in Granada is currently batch-processing 1700 people who paid a grand to companies in exchange for employment contracts which then entitled them to unemployment pay which would have presumably ended up being financed by European structural funds aka Germany had the scheme been allowed to continue. So it’s difficult to understand why it wasn’t.

Despite ethnicity lying at the heart of the problem, El país somehow manages to omit mentioning the G word. This must be particularly hurtful to Valencian president Camps’ buddy, Serafín Castellano, who is also accused of stealing around €7 million, but who, although probably equally unapologetic, probably has better accommodation for his horses than a ground floor council flat.

Thanks to El Ciruco for the Granada link and for another one, which contains a most interesting photo of a ready-to-roast coon, but whose music features may for all I know have been designed to get me into the old “gypsies are Spain’s niggers and Camarón is James Brown” bar brawl. No way: the Cataloonies always win that one. Here though is a marvellous song about dependency by this gent. Maybe someone can tell me who wrote it.

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