Squats demolished c/ Amor, Horta

One of Barcelona’s last patches of pre-war farms, small factories and cottages is under assault from planners.

The squatters–for all their social revolutionary bullshit–brought nothing but problems to the neighbourhood, but I’ll miss the cottages and their gardens full of fruit trees. The council–for all its historical memory bullshit–has been responsible for the massive destruction of pre-Civil War workaday architecture. As has been observed elsewhere, who needs Heinkels and Flying Fortresses when you have urban planners?

Around the corner one junkie living in a tent:
junkie in tent
… is making way for 132 of the 150,000 prefab social housing units being constructed this year:

Why build yet more housing when the nation’s unsold housing stock is around 2 million? That’s a difficult one.

The remains can be seen on this walk.

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