Catalan minister of education at LSE

Promotes law as a truth-telling device.

In questions, [Paul] Preston forced [Ernest Maragall] to to return to [the language issue], and Maragall replied that there is no language problem in Catalonia, that all the controversy arose from manipulations, sponsored by Spanish parties on the right (he did not clarify whether [principal vice-president in the national PSOE government] Fernández de la Vega belonged to one of these parties), and ended with the blunt assertion that the [new education] law will show that there is no language problem, a statement that left me most intrigued: I am not an expert in the philosophy of law but I would say that the virtues of laws do not include the verification or disproval of facts.

It would probably make more sense to lump things like this together with other stuff linked to via Greader and the blog front page and do a daily-ish roundup.

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