Raphael tortures Aquarius, Matt Monro destroys Libre (subtitled)

Do Spanish speakers get more excited about “defective” accents than English speakers?

Here’s Rafael:

From SirJefazo, who also posts Matt Monro singing a Spanish version of his Born free:

It is my impression that native Romance dialect speakers generally get more worked up about other people using faulty English than do English speakers. Perhaps it is that their silly royal, national and regional language academies, and their manic campaigns to stamp out rival dialects, leave them unprepared for the immense diversity of spoken English and the comparative tolerance of that diversity amongst English speakers. It may be that the videos say more about SirJefazo and his fellows than about the two singers, whoever they may be.
(Thanks G)

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  1. Indians get worked up, too, about the quality of some of their countryfolks’ English, but, being travelled, tolerant people, this kind of thing leaves myself and el Primo unmoved.

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