Interactive electronics/dance performance

One for your diary: The excellent Martin Hug is presenting his latest super-instrument in a show with the dancer Juschka Weigl this Friday at 19:00 at Hangar, Barcelona.

Factual or fucktual?

Humiliating linguistic error in PR for Arcadi Espada’s new online newspaper

Fish update

Escolar is “a nasty fish with buttery flesh that can cause bizarre episodes of diarrhea, accompanied by a waxy intestinal discharge.” But that has nothing to do with Spanish bloggers.

Cost-cutting in the ancient world

Hera can no longer afford the dragon and has installed security cameras to stop the Hesperides stealing her golden apples. (Pomegranates, actually, which I believe some people also view as possible candidates. On this walk.)

What’s so hard about answering an email?

–Hello. –Hello, is that the Department of Tourism? Yes? Hello, a week ago I sent you an email asking if this Friday you could let me and a group in to see the crypt of blah blah blah, and I was wondering whether this would still be possible. –Oh yes, I read the email. –So?…

Spanish/French shibboleth commemorates the brief reign of Joseph Bonaparte

Fill in the gaps in this pasquinade on the voiceless velar fricative, which I found last night in Mesonero Romanos’ El antiguo Madrid: En la plaza hay un cartel Que nos dice en castellano Que José, rey italiano, Roba a España su dosel; Y al leer este cartel, Dijo una maja a su majo: —Manolo,…