More evidence that Barcelona Council doesn’t give a fuck about German

In order to get walkers down from the carpark exit from Park Güell a tourist superhighway is being constructed along what used to be a nostalgic dogshit alley. To enliven the concrete a Gaudí quote is repeated in languages starting with Arabic and ending with Catalan that “Everything comes from the great book of Nature.” Unfortunately quality control has never been the strongest aspect of Barcelona Council’s addiction to visionary plans, so the German version misplaces its ß:


A photo:

Observed yesterday on this walk. This symbolic attachment to unfamiliar characters reminds me of the fetishism of tree-huggers who embrace species without knowing their names or what makes them live or die. I’ll try to snap the Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew and Arabic next time I’m up there to see if you can spot any surprises.

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  1. Set in stone. There's a town on the Granada/Almería border called Huescar. Fine looking place. They are just finishing off a handsome looking museum to wow the visitors, and have decorated the exterior walls of this stone building with fourteen Roman grave-covers ('tablets', I think they're called) inscribed in, of course, Latin. Amazing things 1.5 metres long each and every one. As far as I can see, the Latin is perfecto (perfectus). Only problem – the builders who cemented these grave-covers into the walls not only apparently couldn't read Latin, they also thought that the Romans liked to write everything upsidedown.
    Yes, I'm afraid so.

  2. I have seen the exactly same thing in a church built at least 3 centuries ago.

    Ignorance knows no borders, none at all. Not even time.

    But we counted on time!

    Zero progression.

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