Chop up those gift-bearing Catalans

Scratch a libertarian and you’ll discover a totalitarian, so keep scratching.

As a failed socialist with little interest in consumer society I still get a nostalgic prick in the ear whenever social credit and local currency evangelists start shouting their heads off in pubs. Since the loss of mobility and other freedoms inherent for the unweaponed class in such trade-reducing schemes (see eg the experience of the imposition of local currencies in Catalonia in 1936) is comparable to that caused by companies paying wages in tokens expendable only in the company shop, it doesn’t usually take very long to discover a rather large Trojan horse in Liberty City, whose occupants’ goal is not personal autonomy for us all but the disruption of the present order with the aim of imposing another, more restrictive one. And so last night, where it turned out that the Dictatorship of the Mullet have a grand plan to coordinate local currencies “at a Catalan level.” The rastafariat metaphorically beat them to death with the lathes of placards bearing the Factor X. Oh dear.

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