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Public auctions of wrecks in Barcelona, Pontevedra and Algeciras, with thoughts on how to reduce blogging competition.

Pública Subasta provides some gruesome entertainment in these difficult times, but it has to be said that, apart from the occasional sensationally misjudged superyacht or -mansion, most of the interesting lots would have come up anyway. Bids were due today on the Albanian-registered oil transporter, Isabel I, which sailed into Barcelona in June 2007 and was declared unfit to proceed. The owners declined to make the necessary improvements, and seaman Gentian Gjyzari has been living on it ever since in the hope of recovering wages due at auction.

If Colin Davies feels it is time to up sticks and, while he ponders his next destination, fancies life as a latter-day Marlow, transporting Africans back over the Straits under commission from the Ministry of Labour and Immigration, then I suppose he could theoretically do worse than purchase the Río Congo (inc photo), which has also been abandoned for years, in Pontevedra harbour. The documentation says they’d like €48K, La Voz de suggests €38K, but I suspect €20K would get him his own bright blue Charonmobile to hell, his descent probably commencing within sight of the Tower of Hercules and his beloved Galicia. Offers by March 5.

A subscription has been launched to buy the San Mamés de Aras and take Brer Rabid for a ride round the port of Algeciras. If that doesn’t do the trick, we’ll run up an Argentine flag and set him on course to Port Stanley.

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  1. Thanks for the tip, Trevor. Will hasten along with some of my discoloured money and put in a bid. What’s your DNI, by the way . . .

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