Photos and video of snowstorm in Park Güell

Includes video of snow felling a pine tree and a photo of a municipal bus which almost skated its way down-town.

Gaudí house and museum under snow

Gaudí house and museum under snow

When I’m in Barcelona I live just round the corner from Park Güell. Here are a few photos taken during this afternoon’s heavy snowfall:

Aleppo pines aren’t built to carry heavy weights, and I saw a few fall and many more lose often substantial branches. Check the back branch wobble on this Pinus halepensis:

And here’s video of the branch as it gives up the struggle and goes its separate way. I thought it was going to come right down, possibly bringing the tree with it–hence my distance and angle:

I asked around, but Al Gore had already headed home.

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  1. Gello people @
    thanks for the great walks always interesting and fun.
    nice pics of the storm last day
    the website yes has improved, or maybe i just got used to it.. looks bettah to me.
    keep on going all the best

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