With Ibex in free-fall, La Vanguardia announces European bail-out

But we were hoping that there would be rather more than 99 euromillions.

Instead of the Spanish government speculating 10bn on Greek bonds, why not market the euro bailout fund to citizens (instead of states) as a mega-corrupt mega-lottery? To give it some kind of credibility, maybe the Vatican could be involved.

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  1. What do you mean speculating? Their helping Greece because they know that then the other countries will help them. Not like England which only thinks of itself.

  2. Borrowing money to relend it at a higher rate to a bankrupt country in the hope of making a killing if it works out and being rescued by Germany if it doesn’t? Sounds remarkably like speculation to me, even if the Spanish haven’t got hooked noses or blonde hair and blue eyes.

  3. On the contrary, I’m incredibly attached to the geographical quasi-entity. You’ve got to admit, though, that it’s a strange land where people get together to demonstrate about where their great-grandads are buried (I have no idea where mine are) but seem completely unfazed that over the past 20 years Spanish telephony has only developed in the sense that it is now run by several incompetent corporate thieves instead of one.

  4. A “bankrupt” country is exactly what the etymology of the word means: a “bank” that is “ruptured” by a country, that is an “institution” that creates money out of nothing by adding debt zeros to an country’s account (at least 9 times). According to Trevor, this is acceptable and OK.
    A bankrupt brain, like Trevor’s, are all those zeroes added up. Betting countries in the stock exchange also seems to be an OK practice according to Trevor. He must be either from the US, where people live on foodstamps, or from the UK, where people will be living on foodstamps in a little while, watching TV. In both cases, he must have been exposed to “parrot land virouses”, or there is no other explanation why he defends numbers and not people’s lives.
    Pitty Trev.

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