No take out trollers

Someone told me about this sign on the perimeter fence of the cargo area at Gerona Airport, which is accessible via the small service road leading to the eminently avoidable restaurant El Mirador. So the plan was: exit terminal, get photo, stroll to Riudellots taking forest path to avoid road-side predators, beer & bite in the excellent bar opposite the station and abattoir, train to Barcelona. Unfortunately the sight of a mysterious man in a Sendero Luminoso headpiece scrabbling in his rucksack to recover an electronic device brought two Mossos on flashing motorbikes and an urgent injunction to be gone.

“No take out trollers” could mean that the facility does not sell for off-premise consumption the posters of inflammatory messages in online communities or, in older usage, anglers. It could also be a pidgin request not to assassinate them. Or it might have something to do with the red javelin-pierced trolley iconised beside it. Who knows.

I’ll get it next time.

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