Cervantes, prototype for el Cobrador del Frac?

Peter Harvey is suffering from that perennial Spanish problem–translation agencies that don’t pay the modest rates they promise. This blog enjoys dressing up but has no plans to become for the translation sector what el Cobrador del Frac is for the world at large: a debt collection agency which compensates for a deeply flawed legal…

Unicaja: “Now we speak the same language yours”

Andalusia’s largest financial institution, Unicaja, keeps its autochthonous customers happy by investing substantial sums in sponsoring local sports teams, and was thus unable to afford 50€ for a slogan-checker for the Brits, who are estimated to make up 70% of the clientele of this particular branch:

Filets de Lapin as at Barcelona

From Georgiana Hill, The gourmet’s guide to rabbit cooking, by an old epicure (1859): Take the fillets from a fine young Ostend rabbit (by the fillet is meant the thick part of the thigh, separated from the bone) cut the meat into slices, round ways, of about three-quarters of an inch thick; let them soak…

Voice/organ balance

Doubts have been expressed re my capacity to sing over the bloody thing. Here at 02:00 is Claude Reboul on the Place Beaubourg demonstrating that this is not a problem: About a decade ago Claude recorded his greatest hits album, L’organiste barbare, which is in similar mode and unfortunately doesn’t seem to be available anywhere…

Bikini vs vikini

Spelling controversies to overtake music/games/dating/porn as biggest online revenue generator?