What’s the best way to wash down raw rodent?

Rat, squirrel or capybara, kittens have one favourite sauce.

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Miss GlouGlou kicked off a lengthy discussion the other day by wondering what wine to drink with squirrel. Closer to home, OA said that squirrel is basically a rat and thus best consumed with Sidi-Brahim, a traditional pied noir wine, so The Squirrel by Mary Botham Howitt was suitably adjusted:

The pretty, red Squirrel lives up in a tree,
A little blithe creature as ever can be;
He dwells in the boughs where the Stockdove broods,
Far in the shades of the green summer woods;
His food is the young juicy cones of the Pine,
And we eat him well-roasted with African wine.

Some kittens in Villanueva-Soportilla, Burgos seemed quite happy to take their freshly caught rat with warm blood.

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