Zapatero to undertake pilgrimage to Our Lady of Jugglers?

Only God can save him now.

Modification of photo CC by <a href=''>Thundershead/Josep Tomàs</a>

Modification of photo CC by Thundershead/Josep Tomàs

As he prepares to declare war on the unions, maybe it’s time for our new-right leader to start rebuilding bridges with the Vatican so meticulously burnt over the last few years, and what better way for The Economist’s troubled juggler than to simultaneously appease the Catalan deist mafia by travelling barefoot to Montserrat, there to lay hands on the ball of that notorious intercessionary in all manner of sports et divertissements, Nuestra Señora de los Malabaristas, also known as La Verge de la Petanca or Our Lady of Bowls.

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