Death by bagpipes

Bull-fighting, Galician style.

From Stuart Christie’s immensely entertaining General Franco made me a ‘terrorist’:

Two of my fellow inmates were in [Carabanchel] for what were to me unusual bullfight-related incidents… One was an eccentric Gallego who had been sentenced to six years for recidivism in interrupting bullfights. His particular modus operandi was to vault into the ring at ‘the moment of truth’ brandishing his Galician bagpipes like an espada, push the matador to one side and confront the bull – just as the former (or the latter) was about to make his kill – blasting away on the pipes and playing the banned Galician national anthem for all he was worth.

Even considering that this may be the nth case of peripheral nationalist ben trovato, one question is bothering me: did he wear underpants?

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