Who cares about education when you’ve got lotteries, lotteries, lotteries!

La Vanguardia’s editors appear to think that the Supreme Court’s decision to officially re-introduce Spanish into schools is considerably less important for the future of Barcelona than today’s gambling results.

The headline you should be looking for is down this end.

The headline you should be looking for is down this end.

Why create when stealing is so easy:

Iba yo ayer escribiendo este artículo por la calle Larios de Málaga cuando me topé con un panfletillo de uno de los principales [ladrones de contenido ajeno], una llamada seriesyonkis que con el nombre paga (en realidad es lo único que paga), que había retratado a la ministra bajo la siguiente leyenda: “SeriesYonkis ha hecho más por el aprendizaje del inglés que 20 años de leyes de educación”. Hay que darles la razón. En efecto, se trata de una pura cuestión de pedagogía.

And then: why invest when the Nordics will pay for it all anyway (won’t they?); why care about education when wealth depends on family contacts in the administration or, failing that, and in this case, the gods and their representatives on earth; etc etc.

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  1. I normally enjoy your articles but this one doesn’t really make much sense. Great attention capturing headline followed by no real article just an unreadble small copy of La vanguardia and some unrelated ranting
    Pull your socks up dear ;)

  2. You both are right, drunken, blind or not. What offspring might come over us of such a mating!

    Alas, the Church forbids. And we will never know.

  3. To the issue presented: who wonders that LV is taking CiU’s approach. It’s always (or kinda) been a party newspaper, not much unlike Neues Deutschland or Der Stürmer, albeit in very different settings, which makes it actually worse: They freely chose to.

    End of message.

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