More evidence that Barcelona Council doesn’t give a fuck about German

In order to get walkers down from the carpark exit from Park Güell a tourist superhighway is being constructed along what used to be a nostalgic dogshit alley. To enliven the concrete a Gaudí quote is repeated in languages starting with Arabic and ending with Catalan that “Everything comes from the great book of Nature.”…

Barcelona’s Mr Camper Bike is coming for lunch

Here’s another one, Kevin Cyr. The thought of cycling that in even the mildest of winds is quite terrifying. European transport bikes are horrendously expensive and have lots of useless pijo features. How would I go about importing and converting a Chinese transport bike?
Chinese freight bike over on BricoleUrbanisme's stream.

Voice amplifiers

Choosing between expensive and quiet aerobics-style headset+waistband amp and cheap and noisy headset+waistband megaphone.