¡¡¡Robada, la bicicleta en la que fui a Hungría!!!

Batavus Tripper (modelo clásico holandés de los 70 – muy pocos en circulación) color original marrón dorado freno de contrapedal (back-pedal brake) – los Mossos me detuvieron una vez bajando del Tibidabo por conducir aparentemente sin frenos sin marchas sin guardabarros robada en Gracia (pl Rovira) avisos al 617 039 956 premio recuperación: cena de…

Cataloonia, Sweden on the Med

Jordi Pujol’s venerable dream appears finally to have been realised, although perhaps not quite as he anticipated.

Ultimate cargo bike

From Madras, via Wikimedia. The bike issue has been on the back burner for a few months. Maximus are wonderful but very expensive, so I’m hoping I’ll pick one up second-hand and cheap next spring as we start saying goodbye to the euro and the EU.

Buffalo Bill, first vendor of palomitas/popcorn in Spain?

La Vanguardia in 1889 re Buffalo Bill’s Wild West in Barcelona: A la puerta del hipódromo vimos vendedores de caña dulce y en el interior unos vendedores ambulantes ofrecían otro dulce preparado con granos de maíz y miel. Honey-coated popcorn was already part of Cody’s commercial package in New York five years before, and La…

Dances of the Fart-Vest

Buffalo Bill’s visit to Barcelona, marred by transcription problems. I forget who it was tried to patent a fartvest to combat spinal chills on Antarctic expeditions. Maybe it was me. If Apollo had hardwired something like this into us then her upstairs might have been spared the perennial torment of how to fit a hairdryer…