Get your authentic copy of Muammar al-Gaddafi’s Green Book before they’re all burnt!

For sale, 50 hard-cover copies liberated from the Libyan People’s Bureau in London during the legendary 1986 squat party.

Source of <a href=''>clipping</a> unknown, uploaded by <a href=''>killyourpetpuppy</a>, who has some marvellous photos

Source of clipping unknown, uploaded by killyourpetpuppy, who has some marvellous photos

The whizzo scheme to acquire dosh and arms off Gaddafi and rise up against Mags was subverted and put on a back burner by Michael Heseltine, but a number of bibliophile (in Libyan terms) copies of the bible of Maghrebi socialism are nevertheless available via kalebeul to crack smokers with a wallet.

For, while entrepreneurs stripped the brass banisters and others simply ranted and roared until Saudi Embassy thugs arrived, running dog lackeys of Idris were busy relieving this outpost of the Libyan revolution of its cultural treasures.

Al-Jazeera reports that the author’s ungrateful compatriots are burning effigies of the book, and we hope that government facilities will follow shortly, at which point this item will surely acquire scarcity value. In its sheer idiocy it’s got to be one of the most extraordinary documents behind the misery inflicted by socialism-fascism.

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  1. I’ll have one, if you really have a copy going.

    Meet you at Pl. del Tripi. I’ll have the dreads and the strange man accompanying me.

  2. Pl del Tripi is full of Al Qaeda, man.

    I’ll swap one for a pizza when I get round to excavating my lockup in the Zona Franca.

  3. OK you pick the date and coqueria.

    This will be the most famous meeting since Trotsky met that friendly Catalan chap who offered to make him ‘a mean martini’.

  4. [
    There’s a vague scheme in circulation that would involving collecting everything that was nicked and taking it to post-revolutionary Tripoli to present to someone or burn ceremonially.

  5. So you are not allergic to pizzas? Have you tried all the different ingredients? Dihydrogen monoxide too?

    It’s in all the pizzas, and it can kill if inhaled.

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