The end of boredom and the last adult

Boredom against time, 1800 to 2008, <a href=on Google Ngram Viewer" title="Boredom against time, 1800 to 2008, on Google Ngram Viewer" />

Boredom against time, 1800 to 2008, on Google Ngram Viewer

Capitalism gave people time to be bored and then net-borne infantilism came along and cured them. Lots of problems with that–ennui, the lack of a particular signifier doesn’t mean the signified didn’t exist, the decline starting before the web takes off, etc etc–but it’s a nice idea. Does anyone still go to bars because they can’t think of what to do?

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  1. I can rarely think of what to do so it’s bound to be a reason for doing something from time to time.

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