Tribuna Barcelona, muttering to itself?

Tribuna Barcelona is the city gerontocracy‘s Ritz-Palace Hotel-based lunch club, whose invisibility to most belies its belief that it is “the most important opinion forum of Europe” [sic]. Its protocol indicates that an interpreter will not be provided for speakers in Catalan, Spanish, English or French, but the website translation makes one wonder how many visitors stray beyond Barcelona’s two native languages, and how many of their audience would understand them if they did. Maybe Xavier Trias will revolutionise Barcelona; maybe one is trying to grasp the wrong flying pig by the tail.

El Palace, as well its well-publicised problems with trademark lawyers, blatantly violates the language laws. Will it soon be getting a visit from the language police, or are the fines only for the poor bloody Pakistanis?

(H/t Candide)

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