Enemies of the Spanish nation

Your nominations, please.

Whatever you think of the Fundación DENAES‘ sanity, their history, their vision, their list is pathetic:

  1. José Antonio Aguirre Lecube
  2. Jaime Aiguader
  3. Juan de Ajuriaguerra Ochandiano
  4. Sabino Arana
  5. Javier Arzallus
  6. Javier Arzalluz
  7. Miguel Badía
  8. Joseph-Augustin Chaho
  9. Luis Companys
  10. José Dencás Puigdollers
  11. Martí Esteve
  12. Ventura Gassol Rovira
  13. Pompeyo Gener
  14. Juan José Ibarretxe
  15. Manuel de Irujo Ollo
  16. Federico Krutwig Sagredo
  17. Jesús María de Leizaola Sánchez
  18. Juan Lluhí Vallescá
  19. Francisco Maciá
  20. Pascual Maragall Mira
  21. Jaume Martínez i Vendrell
  22. Nicolás Masson de Morvilliers
  23. José Montilla Aguilera
  24. Jordi Pujol
  25. Carlos Pí Suñer
  26. José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero
  27. Antonio Rovira Virgili
  28. Antonio Troitiño Arranz
  29. Jesús María Zabarte Arregui

Where, for example, are the anglocabrones? Think of the whore Elizabeth riding her foul Francisco Firedrake; gay Nelson and his rum, sodomy, and rather attractive lashes; Borrow and his accursed bibles; Teddy Roosevelt and his backyard, true cause of the Civil War; Alexander Fleming and the drugs that drove out God and the Devil and left statues to a new deity dotted all over Catalonia; Ronald McReagan, who bombed Europe into submission with succulent bovinities; and Don Colin, the rutting Lutheran in the bar on the corner.

More suggestions?

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  1. I’d love to, but DENAES doesn’t post its membership. The list would be short anyway. Check out the reader counts below each article.

  2. Believe it or not, I missed my nomination the first time I read this.

    What on earth does that say about me . .?

    But ‘Lutheran’? No lo pillo.

  3. Where are the Franchutes, the Dutch, those pesky locals in long-lost colonies (or however they called the overseas possessions) and in their name the Hugo Chaveses of today, Al-Ansar and all the moors, Judeo-masons, Somali pirates, German health officials, and pigeons that shit on their all-too-white shirts (not brown. Not brown!)?

    Come to think of it, every nation is basically surrounded by enemies and infiltrated by their proxies. Every nation is basically doomed.

    Has Arian Nation yet determined their relation with these Celto-Ibero-Gothic-Moorish Fringe-Romans?

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