Basque prefers shitting blood to speaking Spanish

Better hurry up with that Darwin Award.


Summary for lazy sods:

  • June 2010: Kepa Elortza’s GP refers him for a colonoscopy.
  • Despite speaking excellent Spanish, he refuses treatment in his local hospital in Mondragón unless he can receive it in Basque.
  • November 2010: Time rolls on and he’s offered a Basque-speaking specialist in Vitoria but insists on his right not to travel.
  • April 2011: He agrees to inspection by a Spanish-speaking specialist in Mondragón … on condition that an interpreter is provided. So the session takes place by conference call with an interpreter, who he constantly corrects.
  • How come immigrants get interpreters and we don’t, he asks, threatening a hunger strike.

Even assuming some new consensus can be achieved between eurozone states, with medieval fuckwits like that running round in substantial numbers I struggle to see how Spain and a number of others will be able to achieve the same internally.

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