Dangerously cool (interactive) synths

I was thinking about simple visual metaphors to communicate organ works, but digressed. Cue Nick’s World of Synthezisers. Favourite quote, from the slinkyfied Springatron: “I used the golden ratio to work out the lengths of the springs, this was to prevent resonances occurring at the same frequencies and at harmonically related frequencies.”

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    This *preliminary* version of a very old favourite, ET Mensah’s Tea Samba, is for Mr Paul “Tea” Baker (diabolus.org) and for all of you who have followed and supported this project so far:


    • Sorry, I couldn’t find a red tie.
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    From Wikipedia’s entry for Reinhard Heydrich, president of the forerunner of Interpol and architect of the Holocaust:

    On 2 June, during a visit with Himmler, Heydrich reconciled himself with his fate by reciting a part of one of his father’s operas:

    “The world is just a barrel-organ which the Lord God turns Himself. We all

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