Annals of curious municipal arithmetic, part whatever

Just because you take EU funds to renovate historical monuments doesn’t mean you have to open them to the public thereafter.

A council claims on the basis of one piece of paper of dubious provenance to have an industrial installation, one of its kind, and extracts 75% of the multi-million euro restoration budget from the EU, with the rest coming from national, regional and local coffers. On completion, it turns out that there will be no money to open the project to tourists, who might have been scarce anyway, given the nature of the proposition.

And then it turns out that the council did exactly the same ten years ago with another venerable building – remarkable historical claims, massive European subsidy, renovation completed on time, still not open to the public. But to whom – apart from the Germans – would you denounce that kind of thing these days?

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  1. Missing info: were the construction companies and historians the same, and are they related by blood or marriage to the mayor? It’s smart because the Spanish subsidies probably have the same effect as if they’d been spent on work generation, so no reason for Spanish prosecutors to get too worked up.

  2. Yeah! Scenario: Regional mafias of historians and archaeologists are forging documents and settlements and helping local authorities get lucrative subsidies. A Finnish investigator arrives, but experts in digging up the dead are waiting to bury him, and a renascent and refocused ETA is lurking in the wings.

  3. A long way away from here, but they’re hard fackers so I’m not going to issue a public suicide note.

    Closer to home, I loved the revelation about the use of escorts/prostitutes in the Feria de Barcelona ( A decade or so ago a future ex of mine went to do voluntary admin for the PP & tells that the president of the FdeB would regularly pop up asking if any of the girls there would like to come and meet clients and earn some money with a view to smoothing the way.

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