Gaudí Sands, a retro slave colony?

Gaudí’s work was financed from the fortune built upon Joan Güell’s Cuban slave empire, so if Eurovegas is going to come to the marshes of the Llobregat, what more appropriate way to staff it than by shackling and transporting some of the tens of thousands of locally unemployed Africans?

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  1. Because of all the uncertainty about sovereignty no-one takes Barcelona’s chances seriously, but it is Spain’s gangster capital and I think that that combined with the legal confusion actually makes it more attractive.

  2. As we kow, Catalans love (to imitate) their Slovenia, which is where Europe’s largest casino stands.

    And speaking of “gangster capitals”, Nova Gorica is a stronghold of the ex-commies. One of their leaders, Borut Pahor, grew up there.

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