Two cool & contrasting Barcelona retro photo series

With a chart comparing Catalan to Madrilenian GDP 1980-2009.

Lee uses modern cameras for a series set in the crumbling Torre del Gobernador in Alella, just up the coast from Barcelona, one of a considerable number of great houses deserted as Barcelona’s industrial base has collapsed over the past couple of decades.

Alex meanwhile uses a pinhole camera to portray still functioning parts of the urban area, including El Siglo in Sant Cugat (not Barcelona), whose Casa Amparito dining hall is an obvious future venue for the barrel organ show.

I’m rather into decadence, so I’m happy to note that many of the expensive projects born of the boom are already showing pleasing signs of deterioration – the courts may never catch up, but it is common knowledge that a substantial proportion of the funds allocated to them ended up serving rather different ends.

And I think things are only going to get better for lovers of descension and putrefaction – here’s a chart showing the remorseless decline of Catalonia vis-à-vis Madrid since the end of the dictatorship, caused basically by the Catalan oligarchy’s determination to increase its share of the regional economic cake whatever the resultant cost to that cake’s size:

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  1. Things rather changed when the euro threatened to introduce itself.

  2. I hope you’re going to give us a complete analysis! There’s other stuff in there like the Olympics and perhaps the arrival of EU structural funds.

  3. Long way from Trenchtown to BCN just to search through some dusty archives. Who’s going to pay the passage? Where will I stay?

  4. You’re a wabi-sabi man, too, Trebots? Great.

    Let’s micro-fund Náiguel’s archive searching enterprise: OILI, Operation Independent Flux of Information. Will help with the dust, too. Somehow.

  5. It’s the same with “cold facts”. (No, not hypothermia.) Humans like to believe we live in a universe that is made for us. Try to think of 13.7 billion years. If you don’t get mad that’s because you attached some kind of morality to it. Or call it sense.

    A nun knows that :-)

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