They want our money but they don’t want our participation

Lenox’s take on the tourism department in Mojácar, where, including unregistered residents, there are probably at least as many British- as Spanish-born, but where it doesn’t occur to the (ruling) Spanish-speakers to ask the (generally leisured) English-speakers for paid or unpaid help with tourist promotion.

Some of the German press this morning are probably reaffirming that same conclusion – that northerners are seen as a financial, but not a human resource – re what seems to be the proposed bailout of Spanish banks without external oversight. We may look back and conclude that actually it is all dear old Helmut Kohl’s fault for saying 1 Ost-Mark = 1 D-Mark without asking an economist, or that the whole situation would never have arisen had it not rained on the night of September 4 1944, but we are where we are.

Official demography for Mojácar / sex / birthplace for 2011 here. One trawl

Total Población Nacidos en España Nacidos en el Extranjero Reino Unido
Ambos sexos
04064-Mojácar 8.090 3.062 5.028 2.884


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