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The Daily Mail and Tesco and various translation pundits just booked themselves into the nether stretches of the intestines of linguistic hell. From the Mule:

I’m not hungry, thanks! Tesco brands Finest spaghetti bolognese ‘the balls of grandad’

  • Packaging features signs from an Italian market advertising ‘Le Palle de Nonno’ and ‘Coglioni di Mulo’
  • They translate as ‘the balls of grandad’ and ‘donkey’s b*******’
  • Tesco apologises, admitting ‘we didn’t check translation’

Both grandad’s and mule bollocks are, of course, well-known generics whose names are bestowed on morphological grounds, and you wouldn’t put either in a bolognese, so it’s difficult to know where to begin.

There’s no mileage in commenting that the Daily Mail’s exclamations ill befit a site written about monstrous tits by monstrous tits for monstrous tits, since all three parties generally appear deliriously happy with the transaction.

Nor is there in noting that, while Italy this lunchtime appears on the verge of becoming a failed state in the sense still unmentionable in Spain, at least it isn’t cursed with a mafia plague of the proportions of Tesco.

But this is turning into a hateful, stupid post, so I’m going to leave you and return to a world blessedly free of retarded, ignorant, clickbait content-milling: The Guardian.

(H/t MM)

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