Turismo de Mojácar: we shit on customer opinion

Admirable, artless Almerians (via Lenox – donate, you tight bastards):

From the Department of Tourism understand that dining is a cornerstone in the development of the tourist experience. The quality, diversity and professionalism of our restaurants are in themselves a good reason to travel Mojácar. Our wealth joins culinary tradition, innovation, good facilities and very special treatment, dumps on customer satisfaction. In this conference we will have the gastronomic Attempt to prove it once again. Come, enjoy and eat Mojácar.

Some will also object to “eat Mojácar”, particularly as the sacred mount has been said by passing extra-terrestrials to resemble a monstrous pile of poo. But I think acquittal could be arranged on that count by citing the mini-chain of pseudo-Japanese in London called Eat Tokyo (generally cheap, often cheerful), and I suppose syntax could be pled on the first.

My experience, though, of Granada scholars – the councillor responsible is said to have a law degree – is that they place more faith in fisticuffs than in rhetoric as a means to resolving philosophical disputes.

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