For a change, some German eurosceptic ranters

Hypothesis: Spanish is easier than German, economics 101 appears easier than politics, and so the political problem of Germany’s role in Europe has, curiously, become a story about some blocks of flats in Valencia. And, since most of the English-language press can’t read Spanish either, they end up looking for solutions in the mantras of some cuddly American economist.

Der Führer and I: misinterpretation as a smart career move

Unprofessional Translation, one of the most interesting translation blogs out there, has introduced me to a wonderful anecdote, which apparently comes from the German original of Dolmetscher der Diktatoren (1963), the memoirs of the Eugen Dollmann, the protagonist. Here‘s the late American investigative journalist, Robert Katz: Dollmann had spent the past decade in Italy. As…

They want our money but they don’t want our participation

Lenox’s take on the tourism department in Mojácar, where, including unregistered residents, there are probably at least as many British- as Spanish-born, but where it doesn’t occur to the (ruling) Spanish-speakers to ask the (generally leisured) English-speakers for paid or unpaid help with tourist promotion. Some of the German press this morning are probably reaffirming…

Good news for Russian mafiosi looking for a safe house in Barcelona

It is sheer coincidence that the first question over at Husky’s (sic), who run a permit service for CIS citizens from a room at lawyers Balcells on Paseo de Gracia, is: “If I have an expired criminal record, can I apply for a Spanish or Andorran permanent residence certificate?.” The education page is also intriguing.

Comments at ABC

On the discovery of perhaps Neolithic paintings of seals at Nerja in Málaga.