In Babia

Rental info via contacts.

Rental info via contacts.

Off cycling, and stuff, Palencia, León, Babia, Entrego, Soplao, Bilbao, Burdeos, then north, should anyone fancy a beer or feel impelled to offer a bed! Since you wondered, the first case of “estar en Babia” in Corde is from an Englishman.

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This post pre-dates my organ-grinding days, and may be imported from elsewhere.

Babia (1): Babia may refer to: Babia, a genus of leaf beetles Babia, Poland, a village in west-central Poland Babia, Spain, a Spanish comarca in province of León. Babia, Congo, a village in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

John Minsheu (4): John Minsheu was an English linguist and lexicographer.

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