Begging advice joke

Out this morning we met up with one of the beggars who sit around town with a sign reading something like: ROBED PLEACE MONEY FOR TIKET HOME. The ones I have talked to claim to be Australian, and their spatial longevity suggests they are not particularly successful. One of the party then told a number of begging technique jokes, of which the following is my favourite.

A Jewish and a Catholic beggar are sitting out of a Sunday morning, and as the congregation comes out of church they without exception pass the Jew giving him nothing and then make a generous donation to the Catholic. A more kindly parishioner goes up to the Jew and says, “Look, maybe you should try dressing up like a Catholic, get some beads, you know the stuff.” The Jew turns to his Catholic colleague and says, “You won’t believe this Chaim, now they’re telling us how to run our business.”

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