Duffin Dagels’ rip-off of Dunkin’ Donuts – brand theft at its most vulgar

Here. At least the Vuitton fakes look good for a week, but you’d have to be pretty subnormal to be seen alive/dead in Duffin Dagels, and pretty legally clueless to buy a franchise off Antonio Crespo Lopez – or perhaps not, if Spain’s record on intellectual property protection in digital markets is a reliable guide.…

Dictatorship of the castriat

Don Colin, who has more members than Lingual S&M, wonders whether this is de la abeja rodillas. Just out of interest, here’s the original 1st para: Se encuentra a pie mar, sobre una pequeña península y, durante el siglo I a.C., las gentes que lo habitaron vivían en unas 20 viviendas en forma circular dentro…

Socking it away

Textile trend research as a means of analysing the black economy.

Aphorism encapsulating human vs urban change

Baudelaire, Le Cygne: “Le vieux Paris n’est plus (la forme d’une ville / Change plus vite, hélas! que le coeur d’un mortel).” Via AG – the robots chant “Barcelona’s Champs-Élysées” on arriving on the Paseo de Gracia, and I suppose in that sense it is.

Modernita or modernista?

Judge for yourselves. It says both, I’d go with the former (and offer a third of the price), but the latter has become popular among professional vendors of C20th properties in styles unrelated to art nouveau or anything. This is analogous to the use of “de los moros” etc to describe hilltop ruins, including an…

WTC marketing

An employee on FB: “OK, it was 11 years ago, but does anyone know what a WTC actually does?” Fucked if I know dude, it’s a Muslim interpretation of a fucking Aztec human sacrifice pyramid, right?